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Healthy City Ichikawa

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Welcome to Ichikawa city

Thank you for your participation in the 3rd Global Conference of Alliance for Healthy Cities. Prior to the Global Conference, we would like to provide you with information, such as, introduction of Ichikawa City, its policy and culture, Japanese customs and manners, and some Japanese expressions..
Please use it as your reference guide.


  Useful Information for WHO Healthy Cities Global Conference Participants
  Delivery Contents   Expected Delivery Date
  First Ichikawa City Profile   August 21 
1 Introduction 2 History 3 City Foundation
4 City Symbols 5 Climate 6 Citizen's Charter
7 City Declarations 8 International Exchange    
Second Ichikawa City's Policies September 4
1 Comprehensive Plan 2 Administrative Financial Reform 3 Finance
4 Citizen Good Manners Ordinance 5 Donation of 1% City Tax to a Volunteer Organization 6 Community Service
Point System
7 Online City Hall (Electronic application and certificate issuance system) 8 E-Monitor System    
Third Persons of Culture, Cultural Heritage, and Facilities September 18
1 Higashiyama Kaii Memorial Hall 2 Kaku Matsu Jaku Memorial Hall 3 Hakushu Kitahara and
4 Mizuki Residence 5 Yoshizawa Garden Gallery 6 Kiuchi Gallery
7 Katagiri Residence 8 Seikaen 9 Nakayama Hokekyo-ji Temple
10 Guhou-ji 11 Tekona Reido (Shrine of Tekona)    
  Fourth Ichikawa City's Places of Interest and Major Facilities   October 2
1 Media Park 2 Osu Park for Recreation and Disaster Relief 3 Ichkawa Clean Center
4 Clean Spa Ichikawa 5 Ichikawa City Recycle Plaza 6 Ichikaw Zoo
7 Satomi Park 8 Junsai Park 9 Pear Orchards of Ichikawa
10 City Guide Map        
  Fifth Japanese Customs and Tradition   October 16
1 Ikebana 2 Tea Ceremony 3 Kimono
4 Japanese Traditional Sports 5 Origami  6 Tatami Mat
7 Bowing 8 Calling Japanese Names 9 Japanese Holidays
10 Japan's unique habit 11 Useful daily japanese language
12 A Guide Map to Restaurants & Other Places for Dining Along the Train Stations
  *Please understand that some of the delivery dates stated above are subject to change.    
(c)2007 Ichikawa City Government, All Rights Reserved.