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Mitsuyuki Chiba
Ichikawa City
In October 2008, Ichikawa City, Japan, will host the 3rd Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities. As the Mayor of Ichikawa City, I would like to cordially invite you to participate in this international event.

The main feature of the assembly will be the participation and involvement of citizens and community groups together with practitioners and policy makers. This will offer all people involved a great opportunity to raise their awareness of health, and that eventually will help our healthy city initiatives to be more active.

Furthermore, we will place an emphasis on the quality and quantity of the academic sessions and technical visits to facilitate the sharing of experiences and information, as well as to deepen academic exchanges.

The city officials, citizens, private companies, universities, and organizations that are in the midst of preparing for the conference, are all very excited to welcome you to Ichikawa.
I am looking forward to your participation.

See you in Ichikawa in October, 2008!

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