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[Access to the hotels in Makuhari Area]
  ■ From Narita New Tokyo lnternationaI Airport
  By Bus: About 30 min. via Keisei Bus or Chiba Kotsu Bus.
  By Car: About 30 min. via Higashi-Kanto Expressway, Wangan Chiba l.C.
  ■ From Haneda Tokyo lnternationaI Airport
  By Bus: 40 min. via Keisei Bus, Keihin Express Bus or Tokyo Airport Commuter Bus.
  By Car: About 40 min. via Higashi-Kanto Expressway Wangan Narashino l.C.
  ■ From Central Tokyo
  By Train: 30 min.from Tokyo to Kaihin Makuhari via JR Keiyo Express Line. 40 min.from Akihabara to Makuhari Hongo via JR Sobu Line and 10 min. to Kaihin Makuhari by Keisei Bus.
  By Car: About 30 mjn. via Metoropolitan Expressway Route No9, Higashi-Kanto Expressway and Wangan Narashino l.C.
  ■ From JR Chiba Station
  By Train: 7 min. from Chiba to Soga via JR Uchibo and Sotobo Line. 11 min. to Kaihin Makuhari by JR Keiyo Line.
  By Car: About 20 min. via Route 14.
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