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As stated in the constitution of the World Health Organization, "The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being". To realize the common wishes to stay healthy, WHO has initiated an approach called the "Healthy Cities", in which the cities with the same goal work together globally in network.

In November 2004, Ichikawa City announced "Healthy City Ichikawa Declaration" adhering to the spirit of the Constitution of the WHO. This declaration demonstrates our strong commitment to improve the health of our citizens by joining WHO Healthy Cities Program, a program carried out worldwide by many health-consious cities and interacting with those cities that upholds the ambition alike to ours.

The program focuses on promotion of people's health in terms of improvement of health and medical care, while aiming improvement of social-infrastructure and welfare system, enrichment of culture and upgrading of other health supportive factors. The program will become stronger when cities with the same goal work together.

The Aliance for Healthy Cities was founded in 2003 among the cities which initiates Healthy Cities approaches in Western Pacific Region. Its membership has now reached to 110, including 89 cities and 21 organizations in 10 countries.

The Global Assembly of the AFHC is held bi-annually to share the experience and information of Healthy Cities.
Following the 1st assembly in Kuching in Malaysia, and the 2nd one in Suzhou in China, Ichikawa was selected as the host and convenor city of the Third Conference in 2008.

AFHC is an organization open to the world and to any organization, representatives of the cities and interested experts, citizen, private sectors, etc. will gather in Ichikawa from around the globe.

We are aiming to make this conference a memorable moment in the history of AFHC.

Special Features of the Conference

1. Experts and leaders from around the world will come to join together as one
AFHC member cities, mayors of non-member cities/ vice mayors, and leaders from various international organizations will gather together as one in Ichikawa city.

2. Global Topics will be discussed
Based upon the theme of Health Security which is the main topic of the WHO World Health Day, the city will actively look to explore a wide range of topics such as the safety of the city and the food related problems to build a better and sustainable future.

3. Open Conference to Citizens, Private Sectors, and Academic Institutions
Not only affiliated AFHC cities, but also citizens, private sectors, academic institutions and related organizations can also join in this global conference.

The Fundamental Policies of the Conference

1. The Strengthening of the Healthy City Ichikawa
Bringing together citizens, communities, private sectors, organizations, universities, we look together as one strong union to promote the “Health City Ichikawa” into the future.

2. Building Stronger Network of AFHC and Japan Chapter Members
By sharing the knowledge and experiences of life quality improvement and common agendas of health, we hope to further strengthen the Healthy Cities network both nationally and internationally.

3. Producing the Unique, Heart-warming and Memorable Conference
All people involved, including WHO, AFHC, Japan Chapter, Universities and Citizen work closely together towards the successful conference.

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