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Conference Name: The 3rd Global Conference of the Alliance for Healthy Cities
Dates October 23-26, 2008
Venues: Facilities in Ichikawa City & Chiba City
Organized by: The Alliance for Healthy Cities (AFHC)
Ichikawa City
The 3rd Global Conference of the AFHC Organizing Committee
Co-sponsored by: World Health Organization Regional Office for the Western Pacific (WHO / WPRO)
In Collaboration with: WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Policy Research
Supporters' Organizations: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Chiba Prefecture
Chiba Convention Bureau and International Center
All Japan Federation of Municipal Health Centers
Main theme: "Health Security in the City"
- Healthy Cities activities building a better future -
Participants: AFHC member cities, non-member cities, relevant organizations, citizens, private sectors from all over the world
Registration: Starting from July, 2008
Registration fee is JPY11,000, which include admission to opening ceremony, keynote address, afhc/who awards ceremony, academic sessions, technical visits, etc.
Accommodation: Hotels in Chiba City (Makuhari Area)
Transportation to conference venues will be provided.
Participants are requested to reserve accommodation by themselves through advanced registration and accommodation pages, and all costs for accommodation shall be borne by themselves.
Official languages: English and Japanese
Official Announcement: ·Invitation from Mayor (PDF file: 280KB)
·1st Announcement (PDF file: 564KB)
·2nd Announcement (PDF file: 1123KB)
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