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Healthy City Ichikawa

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Oct. 23 (Thu.) Oct. 24 (Fri.) Oct. 25 (Sat.) Oct. 26 (Sun.)
Registration Technical Visits
AFHC Steering
  Committee Meeting
Mayor's Meeting
Opening Ceremony
Keynote Lecture
Mayor's Summit
 & Ichikawa Declaration
Participatory Plenary
Welcome Banquet
AFHC General Assembly
Newly Elected AFHC
 Steering Committee
Academic Sessions
Closing Ceremony
Concurrent Event Concurrent Event Concurrent Event WHO Kobe Centre Seminar
Concurrent Event

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Main theme:
"Health Security in the City" - Healthy Cities activities building a better future - Details    
Themes of Academic Sessions
1. Chapter activities enhancing the networking of Healthy Cities Details

2. The settings approach moves toward the future Details
3. Evaluation in Healthy Cities for mechanizing sustainability Details
4. Creating safer living environments Details
5. Development of the community through the Healthy Cities approaches Details
6. Effective use of information technology in Healthy Cities initiatives Details
7. The Healthy Cities tasks for future generations Details
8. Considering dietary issues from various aspects Details
9. Physical activities for health and fitness Details
10. Supportive environment for mental health Details

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