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Ichikawa Board of Education is hiring English Teachers.
Information regarding Recruitment of Assistant Language Teacher

 Status of ALT  Full-time Temporary Position
 Job Description EAssist in foreign language instruction at junior high schools.
EAssist in foreign language activities at elementary schools.
EAssist in the preparation of supplementary teaching materials.
EAssist in the language teaching for Japanese teachers.
EAssist with special and extra-curricular activities.
EOther duties deemed necessary by Supervisor or the school principal.
 Positions available Several
Applicants must:
EBe native or certified fluent speaker of English.
EBe born mentally and physically healthy.
EHold at least a Bachelor's degree.
EHave experience and knowledge as regards foreign language education in preferably in Japan.
EHave excellent English pronunciation, rhythm, intonation and voice production skills in addition to
  knowledge of grammar etc.
EHave a conversational Japanese hearing and speaking ability.
 Standard work hours 35 hours a week exclusive of break time .
(From 8:15 to 16:00 through Monday to Friday)

Some variations will occur.
 Period of employment From August 1, 2007 to July 31, 2008
 Salary \312,600(monthly)
 Premium for health
 and pension insurance
ALT pays approximately \54,000 per month.
 Selection Process Screening of documents, interview in Japanese
 Period of application Handing out : May 25 to June 1 ( Shidoka)
Submission :  May 28 to June 6
 ( Deadline : June 6, 17:00)
 Application documents P@application form (distribute at Shidoka)
Q@essay (about reason for applying for ALT written in English)
R@recommendation (in Japanese or English)
S@self assessment medical report (distribute at Shidoka)
T@two passport-size photos
U@official university transcript (copy)
V@official certificate of graduation (copy)
W@two stamped return envelopes iwrite your name and address on the front of two envelopesj
 (We can send the application documents by e-mail. If you hope so, contact us by e-mail.)
 For inquiries and
 application form
Ichikawa Board of Education, Teachers' Consultant Section
Please ask for Mr. Ohno by e-mail or phone.
E-mail :


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